Black Math website launch

Yooo, is back and better than ever! In my opinion, at least. Maybe because I helped design it. :)

During my internship at Black Math last summer, I had the chance to play a big role in the refresh of their portfolio website, including an updated landing page and a brand new About page that I designed. I worked with their programmers to bring the ideas to life and helped manage the pipeline of production remotely until the official site launch last month.

I also helped curate the nine new portfolio pieces that we added along with the design launch, pulling together the best images and video clips and arranging them strategically on each project page via WordPress. My personal favorites are TradeStation, Vermont Lottery, and Tempur-Pedic Superiority — I served as the production coordinator on those projects too, so they're especially close to my heart. Click around for lots of cool behind-the-scenes tidbits on!

PS: here's their latest reel —

Sorry y'all, Kineticards have stolen my heart (and all my creative attention, too)

Hello, old friends! If you're wondering why I haven't posted anything on this blog in months, it's because I've been pouring 110% of my energy into my latest project, Kineticards.

I was lucky enough to be selected as one of four alumni teams in the first-ever round of SCAD+, a year-long entrepreneurial business launcher program. I'm using the time and resources to build out my concept for an augmented reality greeting card line that uses a free app to bring the designs to life. These past few months have been an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I am so proud of how far I've come and how much potential lies in the future of this company.

Check out the latest progress by following along on Facebook & Instagram: @kineticards

Cold calling is never the answer.

For a business that wants to reach out to new customers in a friendly, personal manner, cold calling is not the way to go. So, Richard Neal of Integrated Network Solutions came up with a better plan: why not send handwritten, personalized greeting cards to help spark a relationship with those potential customers first?

Together, we came up with the concepts and copywriting for four custom business-related greeting card designs. Once the ideas were in place, I illustrated each one, and below is what I came up with! What a great opportunity to help bring a clever marketing vision to life. (Fun fact: the two dogs are Mojo and Jasper, Richard's precious pups!)

each card has a special phrase on the inside, too.

Sure is tough out here in the cold...
We hope it's nice and warm when we speak with you.

In case you haven't heard the news...
We'd love to come tell you all about it!

Well this is no way to break the ice...
Why don't we give you a call instead?

We sure hope you take our call...
...Or we just might bite.

#WeMcDo Wedding

So, I'm super stoked about this new wedding set because it's something a little different than my go-to style (aka: no flowers). The clean black & white look is perfect for the couple's upcoming brunch ceremony at a casual, industrial-looking (BEAUTIFUL) venue with lots of brick. Here's the final design they decided on for their Save the Date postcards -- more coming soon with the rest of their wedding design package!



Hello Boston!

I moved to a cool new city and started working at a cool new studio called Black Math. Here's proof:

And just like that, I'm a #SCADgrad.

Well I flipped my tassel and walked across the stage so now it's official: I'm a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design!! I graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Motion Media Design and a Graphic Design minor. It's been such an amazing four years at this school; I can't put into words how much I have grown as a person and how excited I am about my career path that I previously never knew existed. Can't wait to see what the future holds! Thanks, SCAD, and thanks to everyone else who got me here — I absolutely could not have done it alone.

Last day of class (wait, what?!)

When I took CMPA my freshman year, I remember walking out of Montgomery Hall saying "I never want to make anything move ever again." Three and a half years later, I'm graduating with a degree in Motion Design, and this building has become my second home. Oh, how things change... smell ya later Monty.

Kineticards: coming soon!

Well goodness — I feel like I haven't posted any updates in months because I've been so busy working on my senior project! Let me go ahead and officially introduce what I've been cookin' up this whole time:

I'm creating a brand called #kineticards, augmented reality greeting cards that come to life through a special app. It's been such a long process of concepting, branding, illustrating, animating, app building... but I've loved every second and I am finally SO CLOSE to seeing the finished product! Last weekend I wrapped up final animation/sound edits for the nine cards I created, and today I began filming them in action with my good friend Alex Holm. We can't wait to share the final video! Below are the animated versions of the nine cards we filmed:


Douglas Wedding Stationery

Check out this design package I put together for a rustic backyard wedding! It's always nice to be able to repurpose illustrations for something brand new. (These succulents and lavender were originally part of my Animated Flower Titles!) I really got to dive in with this project: custom invitations, menus, thank you cards, and handwritten calligraphy for the outer envelopes. So much fun to work on!

And here's a timelapse video of me writing out one of the addresses:

MODE Summit 2017 Student Showcase

I'm excited to announce that two of my submissions to this year's MODE Summit conference will be featured in their Student Showcase! Huge thanks to Professor Austin Shaw who encouraged me to submit (also, both of the selected projects were created in his Branding class). Shoutout to the amazing Brina Woolhiser too, because I know the KCA project would not have won without her stellar illustrations and frame-by-frame animation. Here are the two videos:

GIPHY Logo Animation
by Chrissy Eckman

Kids' Choice Awards Show Package
by Chrissy Eckman & Brina Woolhiser

Last Spring Break Ever!!

I didn't get to spend too much time doodling during my cruise to the Bahamas last week, but when I did...

I can hear the bells...

Wedding season is around the corner, and I've been keeping myself very busy with lots of custom illustrations, invite designs, calligraphy... my absolute favorite types of side projects to take on!

This one here is a design that will be used for the back of the wedding invitations, RSVP cards, etc. as a custom "map" of the bride and groom's story. It features the chapel where they were engaged, the Charlotte NC skyline, their wedding venue, and new family home complete with their pup smilin' nearby. The flowers are the ones in the wedding and the cotton is significant to the venue's history. I had such a fun time working on it and LOVE how the final piece turned out!

If you'd like to work together
next, contact me via email at

CoMotion 2017 Recap

Last weekend we held our 8th annual CoMotion conference, which is easily one of the biggest events I look forward to during each school year. It's a 2-day program full of panel discussions, a keynote speaker, student showcase nominees & awards, portfolio reviews, and networking receptions, organized by our incredible MOMELOVE officer team. Each year, another group of students joins together to create the branding for the event, including title sequence and print/web material, and I had the pleasure of being a part of that team (click to view the portfolio page of my contributions). It was a great success — industry professionals from over 20 awesome companies were represented and everything ran smoothly. As always, I was taking notes through the entire event...

Cultivate a Better World

This week, our design theme was "social message," or PSA, and the style was modern/naïve. I chose to make a video about Chipotle's environmental values and Local Grower Initiative that ensures their food is safely grown by local farmers. Take a look!

Design Board


Process Highlights

Anthropologie Gift Guide

There's nothing I love more than the opportunity to do some hand lettering illustrations! Earlier this quarter, I was contacted by Fashion Marketing student Paige Homberg to collaborate on her Senior capstone project, a mock Anthropologie catalog with gift suggestions for different types of women. Here's what I came up with for the spreads! (Concept/Copy by Paige Homberg, Photography by Katie Frezza)

Run, Forrest, Run

Another week, another new project to share! This time our key word was wayfarer (person who travels on foot) & the design theme was illustrative. I decided to recreate Forrest Gump as a stylized character and play around with some warped perspectives of him running around. Take a look at the finished frames below! I've added the full piece as a portfolio page too — click the link if ya'd like to see some of my process work, plus one more frame that I'm still finishing up to complete the board :)