Black Math website launch

Yooo, is back and better than ever! In my opinion, at least. Maybe because I helped design it. :)

During my internship at Black Math last summer, I had the chance to play a big role in the refresh of their portfolio website, including an updated landing page and a brand new About page that I designed. I worked with their programmers to bring the ideas to life and helped manage the pipeline of production remotely until the official site launch last month.

I also helped curate the nine new portfolio pieces that we added along with the design launch, pulling together the best images and video clips and arranging them strategically on each project page via WordPress. My personal favorites are TradeStation, Vermont Lottery, and Tempur-Pedic Superiority — I served as the production coordinator on those projects too, so they're especially close to my heart. Click around for lots of cool behind-the-scenes tidbits on!

PS: here's their latest reel —