Before coming to Lacoste, I set one main goal for myself that I wanted to focus on achieving above all else during my time here: relearn how to enjoy making art. As much as I love being in art school, the environment can be so creatively draining; we create so much, so often, and under such strict guidelines and tight deadlines that it’s easy to begin seeing all creative work as strenuous labor. Moreover, everything we put out gets critiqued – which I understand is necessary for improvement, but boy does it take a toll on my artistic confidence. Especially after what my Spring quarter spiraled into, I decided that this summer should be a time to get back on track by rediscovering why I came to art school in the first place, to let my passion burn brighter rather than fizzle into ashes as it has been recently.

I’m proud to say that with the never-ending inspiration here in Lacoste, I am very happily doing just that. Through the little sketchbook that I carry with me everywhere, I am learning that I love to sketch what I see around me, and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with ink and watercolor pencils. Ink is extremely permanent and watercolor is extremely unpredictable – in the past, both have always terrified me, but now I am starting to embrace what makes those mediums so beautiful by allowing their imperfections to shine through. I find myself reaching for my sketchbook all the time to explore more of what my hands can make from what my mind soaks in. So no matter what else happens here over the next six weeks, I already consider this trip a success.