Celebrity Encounter #2

I’ve met more celebrities living in Savannah these past few weeks than I have my entire life. First I met Nicholas Sparks at his book promotion, and now I talked to Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries star / former Degrassi cast member) at the checkout of Urban Outfitters last night!

I had actually been out searching for her earlier in the afternoon with my friend Alex, hoping to get her autograph as a birthday present for his girlfriend, a huge TVD fan. We eventually gave up and went back to the dorms, but after sitting in my room studying for about half an hour, I decided to run back out and treat myself to a quick shopping spree before Urban closed at 7… what a great decision!! Not only did I come back with a bunch of new Fall clothes, but a successfully autographed gift and a crazy story to tell. Here’s proof:


When I asked her to sign the booklet, she gladly accepted and even offered to walk down to the register with me to find a better writing utensil. We talked only briefly but I could tell from those moments how kind and down-to-earth she is!

Let’s hope this trend of celebrity encounters continues with the rest of my time here in Savannah!!