Design I: Project #4

For this project, I created my own imaginary film festival and then designed the posters to advertise it.

The theme of my event is comedies with female leads, including She’s the Man, Juno, Easy A, Bridesmaids, Baby Mama, and Mean Girls. It takes place on October 3rd…


…and is hosted at the TLA, a classic-looking theater in Philly that holds some great memories of mine. The name of the festival stems from a phrase that I’ve heard way too often from my guy friends–“Girls aren’t funny”–but I’ve scribbled out a few letters to make it more accurate.

Here’s the main poster I created, using Photoshop for the basic structure and then hand-drawing all of the text and doodles:


For more details on the event, you can either scan the barcode area above (it’s a working link to this page on my website) or check out the second poster below:


This one does not read as clearly from a distance but contains important details such as showtimes and a special presentation by Tina Fey, who starred in both Baby Mama and Mean Girls and wrote the screenplay for the latter. She will discuss her experience working on both films right after Baby Mama is shown and before Mean Girls is introduced as the final event of the night. This festival should run from 11am to midnight if everything goes as planned.

I designed my two posters in a way that they complement each other and work ideally side-by-side, but each one contains sufficient information to be viewed on its own. I envision placing them in the same general area, separated just enough to reach a new set of eyes without being too far apart for those eyes to mind traveling to the other page. For example, you could hang them on the left and right doors of a double door set, on the far ends of a bulletin board, or inside the windows on either side of a store’s main entrance. These posters are unique enough to draw their own interest but similar enough to be clearly recognized as a pair.

Update: In class, we had to arrange all twenty posters on the wall (my two pieces count as one) in order from best to worst. Mine was ranked as the third best!