I created these two symbols for my Intro to Graphic Design class as representations of the opposite terms abundant and scarce. The above images are raw scans of my hand-drawn renderings on paper.

intro to graphic design // project 1: word as symbol

THE CONCEPT // The words abundant and scarce are often associated with crop production, so I chose to illustrate the pair with two baskets of loaves and fishes as a reference to the classic Bible story where Jesus turns scarcity into abundance. In the first symbol, the basket is sitting full in an upright position, but in the other, it has been rummaged through and now shows only one leftover piece of bread as it lies tipped on its side against a lone fish skeleton. When resources are abundant, the demand for them is low, so the first basket remains peacefully untouched. However, as illustrated in the second symbol, low supply triggers high demand, so the basket’s position reflects the results of the tense circumstance.

THE DESIGN // Both symbols follow similar patterns of line weight to highlight the differences in their treatments of figure and space within each design. The loaves and fishes are all rendered as solid black shapes that appear bolder than the white outlined baskets, emphasizing the density of the first symbol in comparison to the lack of solidity in the second. In one, the food appears crisp and full, but in the other, it is thin and eroded. While the baskets are drawn exactly alike, they have each been rotated to compensate for the amounts of the food inside them; these positions illustrate the moods of the abundant and scarce environments.