Introducing: Hello!

As promised, here’s an update on the collaboration I’ve been working on for the past few weeks with a group of friends for a nationwide advertising competition.

The One Show is an annual event that is extremely well respected in the Advertising world. It’s a student-level contest where teams compete to create the most unique and effective concepts within a broad creative brief, and the best executions win One Show pencil awards. This year, the theme is “kids and technology,” so the goal is to pick an angle on the topic and then implement a concept surrounding it; this can mean a set of ads to promote a company, a fundraiser to give money to a cause, an event to bring awareness to an issue, etc. In an effort to show that technology does not have to be a negative influence on today’s youth, our group chose to design a brand new product that can break down crucial communication barriers by taking advantage of modern projection and motion tracking technologies.

Introducing: Hello! The Hello bracelet is a wearable text-to-speech device that allows children with speech disorders or developmental issues to communicate properly. Although this device is definitely realistic by today’s technology standards, it does not exist in the real world yet – so we created a video to illustrate exactly how it would work. Everything in the video was done entirely by my group of SCAD undergraduate students, from the design of the logo and animation of the characters to the modeling/3D printing of the prototype and the live-action visual effects projected onto children’s wrists. I personally am responsible for the logo design and drawing+animation of all the cartoon sequences. 

We submitted our video to The One Show last night and we will wait to hear back in April the final results for this year. Since it is an intense nationwide competition, we’ve been asked to keep our submissions private until then, so I’ve password-protected the page. Click here to view the video and type in the password “hello”. Keep your fingers crossed for us!