Spring Break 2015: different.

I can’t think of any other adjective to describe these past few days — well, that’s not true — so many words are coming to mind that “different” is the only way I can attempt to encompass everything going on in my life right now.

The weekend kicked off with a trip back home, just long enough to enjoy one last night in my childhood bed with my childhood pets before packing up and moving all of my belongings out of my childhood home. It was nice to be back, but a little bittersweet accepting the fact that every trip home from now on is going to feel… different.

I flew down to Savannah on Monday morning where my friends were waiting to take me on my next adventure, a road trip through Georgia and up to the mountainous middle-of-absolutely-nowhere town of Tallassee, TN. Luckily it was free cone day at Dairy Queen, so our travels were enhanced by not one, not two, not even three, but five stops for soft serve ice cream. This is the first spring break that I haven’t spent laying on the beach for as long as I can remember, so covering all that ground for a non-coastal destination was very new to me. It was different and full of so many surprises. We stayed in the cutest little cabin up a two-mile incline on a gated dirt road, which I have to mention because upon arrival, we experienced it a little too closely when we couldn’t unlock the gate and found ourselves walking the entire way to connect with the rest of our group. At midnight. In the middle of the woods. I’ll never take cell service or city light pollution for granted ever again.

That hike was the start of such a cool experience though — filled with campfires, hot tubbing, stargazing, national parks, mountaintop lookouts, and great memories with great friends. The cabin was filled with way more bugs than I would’ve liked too, but we’re trying to forget about that part (especially the spiders). I got to know some really great people and see some really great stuff — insert shameless plug for Justin Chan here, the photographer who’s responsible for capturing it all in the breathtaking images attached to this post.

Right now I’m on my way back to Savannah and my phone is about to die, but in a few days I’ll have even more updates since I’m headed to Florida for the remainder of my week off. The agenda this time includes a trip to Universal and a stay with a pet pig (I’m a little more excited about that than I probably should be); again, it’s different, but it’s a new experience, and I think that’s what this stage of my life is supposed to be all about. Thanks for joining me on the journey!