Summer, from point A to point B

In the time between high school graduation and college move-in day, I’ve made sure to take a few memorable trips with my best friends before we go our separate ways. The beginning of the summer was marked with a trip to the Outer Banks for an unforgettable Senior Week with my two best friends since middle school; and now, as the summer comes to a close, I was able to enjoy the last moments at Six Flags Great Adventure with my closest high school friends. From here to there and everything in between, I am so lucky to have such great people in my life to share these experiences with. Heartache only comes from losing something you truly love, so I’ll have to remember to be grateful for all the love I’ve had when I start missing my friends like crazy.

Not pictured but definitely not forgotten: members illegal, a constant connection that will never be broken, no matter how many time zones pull us apart (as long as we have our iPhones, at least)