Cold calling is never the answer.

For a business that wants to reach out to new customers in a friendly, personal manner, cold calling is not the way to go. So, Richard Neal of Integrated Network Solutions came up with a better plan: why not send handwritten, personalized greeting cards to help spark a relationship with those potential customers first?

Together, we came up with the concepts and copywriting for four custom business-related greeting card designs. Once the ideas were in place, I illustrated each one, and below is what I came up with! What a great opportunity to help bring a clever marketing vision to life. (Fun fact: the two dogs are Mojo and Jasper, Richard's precious pups!)

each card has a special phrase on the inside, too.

Sure is tough out here in the cold...
We hope it's nice and warm when we speak with you.

In case you haven't heard the news...
We'd love to come tell you all about it!

Well this is no way to break the ice...
Why don't we give you a call instead?

We sure hope you take our call...
...Or we just might bite.

I can hear the bells...

Wedding season is around the corner, and I've been keeping myself very busy with lots of custom illustrations, invite designs, calligraphy... my absolute favorite types of side projects to take on!

This one here is a design that will be used for the back of the wedding invitations, RSVP cards, etc. as a custom "map" of the bride and groom's story. It features the chapel where they were engaged, the Charlotte NC skyline, their wedding venue, and new family home complete with their pup smilin' nearby. The flowers are the ones in the wedding and the cotton is significant to the venue's history. I had such a fun time working on it and LOVE how the final piece turned out!

If you'd like to work together
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#YOUNGREBELS Video Premiere

I had the pleasure of doodling all over this super rad, retro-style, feel-good music video for TW Walsh's hit, "Young Rebels." It just premiered on and I am so excited to finally share! Go show the article/video some love:

Featuring (In Order of Appearance): Logan Parker, Julia Vasi, McKenzie Almire, Angelina Jumper, Sailor Larocque, Aisha Fields, Hunter Flanagan, Jake Phillips, Adam Garner, Chase Anderson, Sebastian Aguilar, Sage Kelley | Director: Brit Wigintton | DP: Garrett Coyte | Producers: Brit Wigintton, Sharde Griffith | Associate Producer: David Jones | Graphics: Chrissy Eckman | Stylist: Makala Mulder | A special thank you to Skate-A-Long USA.