My last role as Chief Nutella Ambassador

I've got good news and bad news.

The good: I'm going to Los Angeles for the first time ever! The bad: It's because I'm passing on my Nutella crown (er, sash).

Check out to meet this year's contest winner, Hannah! We'll be making adorable Nutella-related snacks together at a restaurant in Los Angeles this week. I have no skills in the kitchen whatsoever — I usually just eat my Nutella plain, by the spoonful — so wish me luck! I'm super excited to be back on set and so thankful that Nutella & SapientNitro have decided to fly me across the country for one last hurrah. Look for me and Hannah in a video together soon! & here's the link to last year's videos in case you're in the mood for some reminiscing. :)

Update: The cook-off video has been released! It's embedded below along with some behind-the-scenes highlights:

One big package of fun

Here's a sneak peek at a big project I'm working on right now: a mock show package for the annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards! My lovely partner and I are designing the logo, brand elements, opening sequence, lower-thirds titles, and a whole lot more. We wanted to take it back to a retro 2D illustrated version of Nickelodeon, with a central theme of games/toys/fun things. Can't wait to finish & show off the whole package for the event!

Wish You Were Here

With a break between projects at my internship last week, I had some time to invest in a little personal exploration of the liquid motion technique. This GIF took about 12 hours to animate frame-by-frame in Photoshop, and it's dedicated to my older brother who passed away while I was on vacation as a child.



Hello from my new workplace, Fivestone Studios! This has been such a fun experience for my last summer of pre-adulthood. The studio is in Nashville, TN and I'm loving every second of it!

Check out this blog post introducing me and the other interns. PS: Follow @fivestonestudios on social media for updates like the little animation I made for our Instagram account today!


it's wednesday! 🐫 (by @chreckm)

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Enjoy this loop of Mike Wazowski playing tennis as part of my project for the word "green" in an RGB group montage... because why not.

Full video coming soon!

Collection of GIFs made for the #NutellaAmbContest to entertain voters during my two-week campaign towards becoming the Chief Ambassador of World Nutella Day 2016. I’ll have a more detailed project description on my portfolio site soon which will include the rest of my campaign posts/videos and the final outcome of the contest!


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