Wrapping up Fall 2016

Finals are OVER (!!!) and I've got some new work to share! Here's the link to my finished Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards project: http://www.chrissyeckman.com/#/kids-choice-awards/

and another video that I made for my Time-Based Type class (which still has a lot of tweaks to be made, but I'll share it for now anyway): https://vimeo.com/193828125/9365187bc8

PS, if you haven't seen my previous Type project yet, I've posted it on my website here:

Time for a much-needed break and some more freelance work over the holidays!

One big package of fun

Here's a sneak peek at a big project I'm working on right now: a mock show package for the annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards! My lovely partner and I are designing the logo, brand elements, opening sequence, lower-thirds titles, and a whole lot more. We wanted to take it back to a retro 2D illustrated version of Nickelodeon, with a central theme of games/toys/fun things. Can't wait to finish & show off the whole package for the event!

Lots of exciting things in the works!

Have you been following my new lettering & illustration account @chrissyeckman (Chrissy Eckman Design on Facebook)? If you haven't, you should be! I'm finally following my passions and pursuing a business for selling prints & products as well as commissioned calligraphy. It might be a little while before I finally have my Etsy shop up and running, but for now I'm loving this opportunity to post content and build a following for my upcoming brand. :)

Brides, Babies, Bacon-Wrapped Mushrooms

Spending the summer in Nashville has been fun, but I was long overdue for a trip back home to the land of mushrooms, Wawa, Spongebob-themed bunk beds, and most importantly, my family. Here are some highlights from the weekend:

First of all, there's nothing like opening the cabinet and seeing fancy glasses with your logo on it, for an actual real-life (!!!) restaurant. Not only that, but then flipping through the Fig magazine to see your symbol again on a full-page ad. Cool stuff.

Saturday was the beautifully-organized, nautical-themed celebration for my cousin / bride-to-be, Brooke. Held at the Wellwood right on the water, it was filled with lots of delicious food and fun games. I designed a custom little card for her that said "almost time to tie the knot" written in rope. At the last minute, I also got to write "last sail before the veil" on a cute chalkboard frame to send off with the bachelorette party for the rest of their weekend adventures. It was so nice to see (most of) my girl cousins again!

On Sunday, we celebrated the first birthday of my first (and favorite*) nephew Zachary, which was just the cutest thing in the world. Again, delicious food and fun games were in store, along with swimming, basketball, a mini bounce house, kids running/crawling around everywhere, and of course, a little smash cake which Zack decided to feed to everyone else instead of himself. (Didn't want to get too messy... takes after his momma.) As my gift, I drew, printed, and framed a little illustration of his name and some nautical elements to go along with the rest of his nautical-themed nursery :)

Just like every visit back home, it ended with a stop at Wawa on the way to the airport, but this one was a little bit different; I ended up being interviewed on camera about how much I love their brand, and then I received my entire purchase for free. It was the icing on the cake of a lovely weekend. Or, in Kennett Square terms -- the bacon wrapped around the mushroom (my dad actually made me try one of those this weekend... and after all these years, I still hate mushrooms).

Until next time, homeland.

Bits ‘n pieces from a mock 6-Month Buying Plan for Madewell, a collaborative project with a group of three fabulous Fashion Marketing students (Sophie Litow, Katie Schiewe, and Alia Sobrepena) from this past quarter. I added all of the hand-lettered titles and details on top of their booklet as the final touch!