Hello Boston!

I moved to a cool new city and started working at a cool new studio called Black Math. Here's proof:

And just like that, I'm a #SCADgrad.

Well I flipped my tassel and walked across the stage so now it's official: I'm a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design!! I graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Motion Media Design and a Graphic Design minor. It's been such an amazing four years at this school; I can't put into words how much I have grown as a person and how excited I am about my career path that I previously never knew existed. Can't wait to see what the future holds! Thanks, SCAD, and thanks to everyone else who got me here — I absolutely could not have done it alone.

Last day of class (wait, what?!)

When I took CMPA my freshman year, I remember walking out of Montgomery Hall saying "I never want to make anything move ever again." Three and a half years later, I'm graduating with a degree in Motion Design, and this building has become my second home. Oh, how things change... smell ya later Monty.

Brides, Babies, Bacon-Wrapped Mushrooms

Spending the summer in Nashville has been fun, but I was long overdue for a trip back home to the land of mushrooms, Wawa, Spongebob-themed bunk beds, and most importantly, my family. Here are some highlights from the weekend:

First of all, there's nothing like opening the cabinet and seeing fancy glasses with your logo on it, for an actual real-life (!!!) restaurant. Not only that, but then flipping through the Fig magazine to see your symbol again on a full-page ad. Cool stuff.

Saturday was the beautifully-organized, nautical-themed celebration for my cousin / bride-to-be, Brooke. Held at the Wellwood right on the water, it was filled with lots of delicious food and fun games. I designed a custom little card for her that said "almost time to tie the knot" written in rope. At the last minute, I also got to write "last sail before the veil" on a cute chalkboard frame to send off with the bachelorette party for the rest of their weekend adventures. It was so nice to see (most of) my girl cousins again!

On Sunday, we celebrated the first birthday of my first (and favorite*) nephew Zachary, which was just the cutest thing in the world. Again, delicious food and fun games were in store, along with swimming, basketball, a mini bounce house, kids running/crawling around everywhere, and of course, a little smash cake which Zack decided to feed to everyone else instead of himself. (Didn't want to get too messy... takes after his momma.) As my gift, I drew, printed, and framed a little illustration of his name and some nautical elements to go along with the rest of his nautical-themed nursery :)

Just like every visit back home, it ended with a stop at Wawa on the way to the airport, but this one was a little bit different; I ended up being interviewed on camera about how much I love their brand, and then I received my entire purchase for free. It was the icing on the cake of a lovely weekend. Or, in Kennett Square terms -- the bacon wrapped around the mushroom (my dad actually made me try one of those this weekend... and after all these years, I still hate mushrooms).

Until next time, homeland.

The best $4 I've ever spent, probably

Last weekend I bought an umbrella hat... and now I don't mind rainy days so much anymore.

I also started a gallery of all my little illustrations, which you can take a look at here :)


Hello from my new workplace, Fivestone Studios! This has been such a fun experience for my last summer of pre-adulthood. The studio is in Nashville, TN and I'm loving every second of it!

Check out this blog post introducing me and the other interns. PS: Follow @fivestonestudios on social media for updates like the little animation I made for our Instagram account today!


it's wednesday! 🐫 (by @chreckm)

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SCAD Fashion Show 2016

On Saturday, I had the honor of attending our annual showcase of the senior fashion design collections at the 2016 SCAD Fashion Show! Every new signature event reminds me how proud I am to be attending such an awesome school full of so many creative individuals. Take a look:


Spring Break 2015: different.

I can’t think of any other adjective to describe these past few days — well, that’s not true — so many words are coming to mind that “different” is the only way I can attempt to encompass everything going on in my life right now.

The weekend kicked off with a trip back home, just long enough to enjoy one last night in my childhood bed with my childhood pets before packing up and moving all of my belongings out of my childhood home. It was nice to be back, but a little bittersweet accepting the fact that every trip home from now on is going to feel… different.

I flew down to Savannah on Monday morning where my friends were waiting to take me on my next adventure, a road trip through Georgia and up to the mountainous middle-of-absolutely-nowhere town of Tallassee, TN. Luckily it was free cone day at Dairy Queen, so our travels were enhanced by not one, not two, not even three, but five stops for soft serve ice cream. This is the first spring break that I haven’t spent laying on the beach for as long as I can remember, so covering all that ground for a non-coastal destination was very new to me. It was different and full of so many surprises. We stayed in the cutest little cabin up a two-mile incline on a gated dirt road, which I have to mention because upon arrival, we experienced it a little too closely when we couldn’t unlock the gate and found ourselves walking the entire way to connect with the rest of our group. At midnight. In the middle of the woods. I’ll never take cell service or city light pollution for granted ever again.

That hike was the start of such a cool experience though — filled with campfires, hot tubbing, stargazing, national parks, mountaintop lookouts, and great memories with great friends. The cabin was filled with way more bugs than I would’ve liked too, but we’re trying to forget about that part (especially the spiders). I got to know some really great people and see some really great stuff — insert shameless plug for Justin Chan here, the photographer who’s responsible for capturing it all in the breathtaking images attached to this post.

Right now I’m on my way back to Savannah and my phone is about to die, but in a few days I’ll have even more updates since I’m headed to Florida for the remainder of my week off. The agenda this time includes a trip to Universal and a stay with a pet pig (I’m a little more excited about that than I probably should be); again, it’s different, but it’s a new experience, and I think that’s what this stage of my life is supposed to be all about. Thanks for joining me on the journey!


took a break from pre-finals madness tonight to spend some quality time with the sun and the waves and a few world-famous chicken fingers on the beach. oh and Matt and Hannah were there too.

on a different note, I’ve got some really cool projects that I’ve been working on recently and I can’t wait to show them off once they’re done. be on the lookout!


I don’t know if I’ve ever seen or tasted anything this delicious. If you’re in Savannah, definitely go check out The Collins Quarter!

Wawa Promo Video

IT’S DONE!! I just finished my first Motion Media project since officially deciding to switch my major. Check it out by clicking the link above!

For those who are unfamiliar with Wawa, it’s like a combination of [Parker’s, for those living in Savannah, or any other convenience store around the US], Starbucks, and Subway… but better. They’re based in the northeast and their headquarters is right near my hometown so I am a huge fan of Wawa stores and their products. They sell everything from hoagies to stuffed soft pretzels to cannoli dip&chips to apple slices without the skin, and they’re open 24/7 so you can buy this stuff whenever you want. (I’ll be honest, I stopped for a dirt pudding cup at 1am when I flew home this weekend.) So, Wawa is a brand that is very close to my heart, and I decided to create this little appreciation video as a promo for their beverages which are great at any time of day.


This is a segment called useless life updates featuring Chrissy’s :D face because she doesn’t have any cool projects to post yet.

On new year’s eve I met my roommate’s new cat, on new year’s day I won a month of free coffee from Chick-fil-a, and on January 2nd I went ice skating on a giant melting puddle in 60-degree weather. Very exciting start to 2015.


Happy holidays!!! There’s no gift quite as exciting as seeing friends enjoy my artwork on Christmas morning.

image one: one of my best friends and her sister receiving poster prints of my artwork that their mom ordered as a surprise (both still available for sale here!) 

image two: a text from one of my friends who gave his mom drawings of the houses he grew up in, and she loved them :’)

Seriously, stuff like this is what keeps me going. Thank you guys, and Merry Christmas to all!!