One big package of fun

Here's a sneak peek at a big project I'm working on right now: a mock show package for the annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards! My lovely partner and I are designing the logo, brand elements, opening sequence, lower-thirds titles, and a whole lot more. We wanted to take it back to a retro 2D illustrated version of Nickelodeon, with a central theme of games/toys/fun things. Can't wait to finish & show off the whole package for the event!

Animated Flower Titles by ChromaCartel

One of the projects I got to design on my own this summer was a downloadable template project file for ten animated title cards featuring lots of watercolor-style illustrations of flowers and fruits that draw on as the words appear. The project went live on VideoHive this week, and it was selected as the new Featured file (click here to see for yourself)!

Chrissy Eckman | design, animation, project management
Eli Guillou | animation, file cleanup

Wish You Were Here

With a break between projects at my internship last week, I had some time to invest in a little personal exploration of the liquid motion technique. This GIF took about 12 hours to animate frame-by-frame in Photoshop, and it's dedicated to my older brother who passed away while I was on vacation as a child.


This was such a fun project to tackle! For class, we were asked to make infographic videos, so I chose a SCAD overview as something I’m already very familiar with (I give these facts on a daily basis during campus tours). My goal this time was to establish a distinct style and then really focus in on little animation details that would make it pop. I wanted to improve my motion skills as much as possible while making sure to stick within the design guidelines of this specific video, and I’m very proud of how it came out. Take a look!