Dollar General Package by Fivestone Studios

Fivestone recently updated their portfolio with a mega cool project that I was lucky to be a part of this summer. We designed a fully immersive visual/audio experience for a huge football-themed Dollar General conference held at the Music City Event Center in Nashville, TN. I helped animate the transitions in between speakers' names (one of them being Peyton Manning)! Check it out:

The best $4 I've ever spent, probably

Last weekend I bought an umbrella hat... and now I don't mind rainy days so much anymore.

I also started a gallery of all my little illustrations, which you can take a look at here :)


Hello from my new workplace, Fivestone Studios! This has been such a fun experience for my last summer of pre-adulthood. The studio is in Nashville, TN and I'm loving every second of it!

Check out this blog post introducing me and the other interns. PS: Follow @fivestonestudios on social media for updates like the little animation I made for our Instagram account today!


it's wednesday! 🐫 (by @chreckm)

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