My last role as Chief Nutella Ambassador

I've got good news and bad news.

The good: I'm going to Los Angeles for the first time ever! The bad: It's because I'm passing on my Nutella crown (er, sash).

Check out to meet this year's contest winner, Hannah! We'll be making adorable Nutella-related snacks together at a restaurant in Los Angeles this week. I have no skills in the kitchen whatsoever — I usually just eat my Nutella plain, by the spoonful — so wish me luck! I'm super excited to be back on set and so thankful that Nutella & SapientNitro have decided to fly me across the country for one last hurrah. Look for me and Hannah in a video together soon! & here's the link to last year's videos in case you're in the mood for some reminiscing. :)

Update: The cook-off video has been released! It's embedded below along with some behind-the-scenes highlights:

Below are some fun behind-the-scenes photos from my trip to New York working with SapientNitro to serve as the new Chief Ambassador of World Nutella Day:

NYC-Nutella - 32.jpg
NYC-Nutella - 5.jpg
IMG_4227 copy.jpg

This honestly was a dream come true that I didn’t even know was possible. I will never forget the memories made or the experience gained on this trip, and I am endlessly grateful for the members of the team who put it all together. Thank you again, Nutella and SapientNitro!

PS: It wasn’t difficult to feel like a queen even when I wasn’t parading my sash around the city. Fancy meals, private drivers, front-row tickets with VIP access, endless Nutella goodies… 


Easily the best week of my entire life.

Campaign video for the final day of voting during the #NutellaAmbContest highlighting different artist/Nutella fans around the world in promotion of the big upcoming celebration, World Nutella Day on February 5th.

Check out my collection of campaign GIFs here
Read about the journey in a newspaper article here
See the initial contest video submission here

Collection of GIFs made for the #NutellaAmbContest to entertain voters during my two-week campaign towards becoming the Chief Ambassador of World Nutella Day 2016. I’ll have a more detailed project description on my portfolio site soon which will include the rest of my campaign posts/videos and the final outcome of the contest!


See the initial contest video submission here
Read about the journey in a newspaper article here
Check out my final campaign video here

So I received a highly anticipated email last night and I am excited to now announce the funniest thing that has ever happened to me…. I was chosen as one of the top five finalists to become (potentially) the Chief Ambassador of World Nutella Day!!


Here is the video that I submitted for the contest. We had to select one of five personalities (I chose “artist”) and then talk about why we should lead Nutella fans all around the world by starring as the face of their social media on Nutella Day this upcoming February. If I win, I’ll get to fly to New York for a week to help create fun content for their online presence that will unite fans everywhere…. not to mention a bunch of other crazy once-in-a-lifetime New York opportunities while I’m there. I also earned a year’s supply of Nutella just for being a finalist :)

The next step: I’ll be campaigning on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram throughout the voting period of November 16-29 to show off my creativity skills and pull in as many votes as possible during those two weeks. Please join me in making this a dream come true by voting daily once the polls go live! Keep an eye out for updates soon. Thank you so much!!

Update: Click here to see the animated GIFs I created during my campaign and here for the video I posted on the last day of voting!