And just like that, I'm a #SCADgrad.

Well I flipped my tassel and walked across the stage so now it's official: I'm a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design!! I graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Motion Media Design and a Graphic Design minor. It's been such an amazing four years at this school; I can't put into words how much I have grown as a person and how excited I am about my career path that I previously never knew existed. Can't wait to see what the future holds! Thanks, SCAD, and thanks to everyone else who got me here — I absolutely could not have done it alone.

Last day of class (wait, what?!)

When I took CMPA my freshman year, I remember walking out of Montgomery Hall saying "I never want to make anything move ever again." Three and a half years later, I'm graduating with a degree in Motion Design, and this building has become my second home. Oh, how things change... smell ya later Monty.

Kineticards: coming soon!

Well goodness — I feel like I haven't posted any updates in months because I've been so busy working on my senior project! Let me go ahead and officially introduce what I've been cookin' up this whole time:

I'm creating a brand called #kineticards, augmented reality greeting cards that come to life through a special app. It's been such a long process of concepting, branding, illustrating, animating, app building... but I've loved every second and I am finally SO CLOSE to seeing the finished product! Last weekend I wrapped up final animation/sound edits for the nine cards I created, and today I began filming them in action with my good friend Alex Holm. We can't wait to share the final video! Below are the animated versions of the nine cards we filmed:


Wrapping up Fall 2016

Finals are OVER (!!!) and I've got some new work to share! Here's the link to my finished Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards project:

and another video that I made for my Time-Based Type class (which still has a lot of tweaks to be made, but I'll share it for now anyway):

PS, if you haven't seen my previous Type project yet, I've posted it on my website here:

Time for a much-needed break and some more freelance work over the holidays!

SCAD Fashion Show 2016

On Saturday, I had the honor of attending our annual showcase of the senior fashion design collections at the 2016 SCAD Fashion Show! Every new signature event reminds me how proud I am to be attending such an awesome school full of so many creative individuals. Take a look:

Sidewalk Arts 2016

In all seriousness, I love this nontraditional college experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Shoutout to my #1 fan for visiting three years in a row and rocking his "SCAD DAD" shirt proudly as always!

Check out some of the talented chalk art from this year's #SCADCHALK festival in the gallery below:

This past weekend was our annual Sidewalk Arts Festival, one of the signature events that really drew me to SCAD and now the biggest thing I look forward to every spring. I heard someone compare it to homecoming at other schools because this is the weekend that alumni are invited back, but I think it's hilarious to put this event up against a rowdy football game at a huge state school... here at SCAD we just sit peacefully in the park with boxes of chalk making beautiful masterpieces along the sidewalk. Go bees!!!

Happy SCAD Day!

Here's to another great quarter of representing the school I love and leading the events that once totally changed my life and brought me here three years ago! I honestly don't know where I'd be right now if I hadn't chosen to take a risk and follow my heart towards a creative future at SCAD -- and now that I get to share my experience over and over as a student representative, it's like reliving the excitement every time with each new generation of incoming SCAD bees. I love this school and I love my job.

Collection of GIFs made for the #NutellaAmbContest to entertain voters during my two-week campaign towards becoming the Chief Ambassador of World Nutella Day 2016. I’ll have a more detailed project description on my portfolio site soon which will include the rest of my campaign posts/videos and the final outcome of the contest!


See the initial contest video submission here
Read about the journey in a newspaper article here
Check out my final campaign video here

Bits ‘n pieces from a mock 6-Month Buying Plan for Madewell, a collaborative project with a group of three fabulous Fashion Marketing students (Sophie Litow, Katie Schiewe, and Alia Sobrepena) from this past quarter. I added all of the hand-lettered titles and details on top of their booklet as the final touch!


This was such a fun project to tackle! For class, we were asked to make infographic videos, so I chose a SCAD overview as something I’m already very familiar with (I give these facts on a daily basis during campus tours). My goal this time was to establish a distinct style and then really focus in on little animation details that would make it pop. I wanted to improve my motion skills as much as possible while making sure to stick within the design guidelines of this specific video, and I’m very proud of how it came out. Take a look!


For my final motion media project this quarter, we were asked to visualize a poem that resonates with our personal experiences. Far from the usual pastel illustrations and fun concepts I normally work with, these designs reflect a much darker place that I’ve been struggling to pull myself out of mentally over the past few weeks. The song I chose is about happiness, but the artist wrote it after his wife left for Africa and he felt like his happiness had been taken away. It’s a feeling that is powerful and pure but even stronger in its absence, and sometimes we fall to points where it doesn’t seem like we can find happiness at all. I think it’s important to embrace these points because without darkness we can’t appreciate the light.