Nature of Love

Happy Valentine's Day! This week I designed frames for a hypothetical video prompted by the word "Nature," which I turned into a concept about the nature of love in the animal kingdom. Did you know that only about 3-5% of an estimated 4,000 species of mammals practice monogamy? Or that the bond between wolf siblings is equally as strong as that between parents? Or that sea otters hold hands while they sleep, which is totally adorable — but, not romantic at all — since it's actually mothers holding onto their pups so they won't drift away.

I learned a whole lot while planning this design board and had just as much fun executing it!


Process work

The Golden Touch

This week, Sara Roma and I had a lot of fun working on tactile design boards for the theme "Fable." We decided on the story of King Midas whose touch turned everything to gold, since we thought it would be perfect for this hands-on type of project. As a twist, we turned the main character into a beautiful female instead, and we made the visuals feel as if they were part of an imaginative fairytale. The designs follow a tale of a princess who is so obsessed with her gold possessions that she wishes for a golden touch, but grows to regret it very quickly when she can no longer enjoy the tastes or smells around her.


Process shots


and a GIF, just for funsies


Make sure to go check out Sara's other tactile & stop motion work — she's super rad and I never would've thought to do something like this on my own!


For my final motion media project this quarter, we were asked to visualize a poem that resonates with our personal experiences. Far from the usual pastel illustrations and fun concepts I normally work with, these designs reflect a much darker place that I’ve been struggling to pull myself out of mentally over the past few weeks. The song I chose is about happiness, but the artist wrote it after his wife left for Africa and he felt like his happiness had been taken away. It’s a feeling that is powerful and pure but even stronger in its absence, and sometimes we fall to points where it doesn’t seem like we can find happiness at all. I think it’s important to embrace these points because without darkness we can’t appreciate the light.