Wrapping up Fall 2016

Finals are OVER (!!!) and I've got some new work to share! Here's the link to my finished Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards project: http://www.chrissyeckman.com/#/kids-choice-awards/

and another video that I made for my Time-Based Type class (which still has a lot of tweaks to be made, but I'll share it for now anyway): https://vimeo.com/193828125/9365187bc8

PS, if you haven't seen my previous Type project yet, I've posted it on my website here:

Time for a much-needed break and some more freelance work over the holidays!

You Need To Stop Misspelling

Projects are so much more fun to work on when you're really passionate about the subject. For me, this one was a double whammy on my loves of both typography and language, and I had a great time putting together this video that cleverly teaches lessons on some major spelling and grammar mistakes I'm tired of people making. Thanks to Sean Diaz for the voiceover!