#YOUNGREBELS Video Premiere

I had the pleasure of doodling all over this super rad, retro-style, feel-good music video for TW Walsh's hit, "Young Rebels." It just premiered on ImposeMagazine.com and I am so excited to finally share! Go show the article/video some love:

Featuring (In Order of Appearance): Logan Parker, Julia Vasi, McKenzie Almire, Angelina Jumper, Sailor Larocque, Aisha Fields, Hunter Flanagan, Jake Phillips, Adam Garner, Chase Anderson, Sebastian Aguilar, Sage Kelley | Director: Brit Wigintton | DP: Garrett Coyte | Producers: Brit Wigintton, Sharde Griffith | Associate Producer: David Jones | Graphics: Chrissy Eckman | Stylist: Makala Mulder | A special thank you to Skate-A-Long USA.

Brides, Babies, Bacon-Wrapped Mushrooms

Spending the summer in Nashville has been fun, but I was long overdue for a trip back home to the land of mushrooms, Wawa, Spongebob-themed bunk beds, and most importantly, my family. Here are some highlights from the weekend:

First of all, there's nothing like opening the cabinet and seeing fancy glasses with your logo on it, for an actual real-life (!!!) restaurant. Not only that, but then flipping through the Fig magazine to see your symbol again on a full-page ad. Cool stuff.

Saturday was the beautifully-organized, nautical-themed celebration for my cousin / bride-to-be, Brooke. Held at the Wellwood right on the water, it was filled with lots of delicious food and fun games. I designed a custom little card for her that said "almost time to tie the knot" written in rope. At the last minute, I also got to write "last sail before the veil" on a cute chalkboard frame to send off with the bachelorette party for the rest of their weekend adventures. It was so nice to see (most of) my girl cousins again!

On Sunday, we celebrated the first birthday of my first (and favorite*) nephew Zachary, which was just the cutest thing in the world. Again, delicious food and fun games were in store, along with swimming, basketball, a mini bounce house, kids running/crawling around everywhere, and of course, a little smash cake which Zack decided to feed to everyone else instead of himself. (Didn't want to get too messy... takes after his momma.) As my gift, I drew, printed, and framed a little illustration of his name and some nautical elements to go along with the rest of his nautical-themed nursery :)

Just like every visit back home, it ended with a stop at Wawa on the way to the airport, but this one was a little bit different; I ended up being interviewed on camera about how much I love their brand, and then I received my entire purchase for free. It was the icing on the cake of a lovely weekend. Or, in Kennett Square terms -- the bacon wrapped around the mushroom (my dad actually made me try one of those this weekend... and after all these years, I still hate mushrooms).

Until next time, homeland.

Wish You Were Here

With a break between projects at my internship last week, I had some time to invest in a little personal exploration of the liquid motion technique. This GIF took about 12 hours to animate frame-by-frame in Photoshop, and it's dedicated to my older brother who passed away while I was on vacation as a child.


The best $4 I've ever spent, probably

Last weekend I bought an umbrella hat... and now I don't mind rainy days so much anymore.

I also started a gallery of all my little illustrations, which you can take a look at here :)


Hello from my new workplace, Fivestone Studios! This has been such a fun experience for my last summer of pre-adulthood. The studio is in Nashville, TN and I'm loving every second of it!

Check out this blog post introducing me and the other interns. PS: Follow @fivestonestudios on social media for updates like the little animation I made for our Instagram account today!


it's wednesday! 🐫 (by @chreckm)

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SCAD Fashion Show 2016

On Saturday, I had the honor of attending our annual showcase of the senior fashion design collections at the 2016 SCAD Fashion Show! Every new signature event reminds me how proud I am to be attending such an awesome school full of so many creative individuals. Take a look:

New Friend

Daniel and I got to hang out with horses before giving a tour at the SCAD Equestrian Center this weekend.... here are some photos with our new friend Tula!


The most recent task in my 3D class was to create an object three different ways:

  • Organic, as if formed in nature without any work by man
  • Technological, as in futuristic, high-tech, well-designed
  • Industrial, as in "gets the job done," built for function over aesthetic

Below are the three birdhouses I designed!


Sand Arts 2016

Time for another fun SCAD Signature Event update! Last weekend was our annual Sand Arts Festival hosted by the Foundations department, where students come together to show off their wind installations and build sand sculptures on-site at Tybee Island. The weather was perfect and the art was incredible! Such a fun day to spend hanging out with friends and appreciating the creativity all around us at SCAD.

The image on the left is a wind-powered sculpture that generates electricity to power a battery that can pull water back up inside the poles and flow out like a waterfall, designed by a SCAD Industrial Design student. On the right is a tunnel installation made by SCAD alumni specifically for Sand Arts! At one point during the day, a whole group of musicians dressed up as the "Beach Bowies" played Purple Rain inside of that tunnel. So much weird, cool stuff goes on at this school!

Sidewalk Arts 2016

In all seriousness, I love this nontraditional college experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Shoutout to my #1 fan for visiting three years in a row and rocking his "SCAD DAD" shirt proudly as always!

Check out some of the talented chalk art from this year's #SCADCHALK festival in the gallery below:

This past weekend was our annual Sidewalk Arts Festival, one of the signature events that really drew me to SCAD and now the biggest thing I look forward to every spring. I heard someone compare it to homecoming at other schools because this is the weekend that alumni are invited back, but I think it's hilarious to put this event up against a rowdy football game at a huge state school... here at SCAD we just sit peacefully in the park with boxes of chalk making beautiful masterpieces along the sidewalk. Go bees!!!

Meet the Shriners team!

I'm very excited to announce that this quarter I'll be working with Shriners Hospitals for Children alongside a team of talented animation students to create an educational video for elementary school children on lawnmower safety. Right now there isn't too much more that I can say since we signed a nondisclosure agreement, but once the project is done it will become public and shared as part of Shriners' summer safety awareness program! They're an amazing organization and I'm honored to be collaborating with them as well as all of the other goofy members of my class :)

Creatures of Monty

Here's a GIF of some characters I designed/animated for a partner project last quarter, "Your Guide to Monty." We've got the felines, the furballs, the zombies, and so many other unique creatures at this school...

And take a look at the finished video here!

I love SCAD.

And I love (love love love love) that I get to share my passion for the school itself with the super cool motion graphics skills I've acquired here, through projects like my "Welcome to SCAD" video that just won gold in the Student Showcase awards at Comotion 2016! I couldn't be anywhere happier than where I am right now with all the incredible people and resources surrounding me. I think one of the most valuable things I've noticed through this whole SCAD journey is that you can learn to love anything if you approach it with the right attitude, and possibilities become endless once you do. Love goes a long way, friends. That's all for now :)



Enjoy this loop of Mike Wazowski playing tennis as part of my project for the word "green" in an RGB group montage... because why not.

Full video coming soon!

Work-in-progress: Wassily Kandinsky exhibit at the SCAD Museum of Art

Currently working on a ten-week project that involves the branding of a whole museum exhibit. This one highlights Wassily Kandinsky as a synaesthetic artist who heard music when he saw colors, and he believed that the symphonic artwork he created reached a deep inner part of the soul that transcended into spirituality. His work was a very important part of the prehistory of motion graphics as a dual-sensory experience. I've branded the exhibit as SIGHT+SOUND=SOUL with visuals that represent how 1+1=3, since his artwork triggered music which then reached an even higher level of sensation from the combination of the two. Next I'll be working on programs and packaging, so stay tuned!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make yesterday a success!

  • #WorldNutellaDay became the #1 topic on Twitter's Trending list with over 80K tweets
  • @NutellaUSA retweeted my GIF to their 165K followers
  • (I don't have any other official statistics yet but I'm positive that this year's Nutella Day was the biggest yet -- and it's all because people like you came together and helped me celebrate!!)

It's a little sad to be retiring the sash after my reign as leader of World Nutella Day 2016, but looking back, I am so pleased with the entire experience that led to this point. Thanks again!