CoMotion 2017

I had the pleasure of working alongside a team of talented designer/animators to brand this year's 8th annual MOMELOVE networking event.

Project Overview

The theme we worked this year with was "creative collaboration," which we chose to demonstrate by using hands as characters to emphasize the physical touch required to do what we do. Whether live-action, tactile, 2D or 3D, designers use their hands to communicate and execute their ideas. We also wanted to focus on the importance of audio/visual connection in our title sequence, as shown by the music board that Natalia Serrano and I had the pleasure of bringing to life. Major shoutouts to Joash Berkeley, the Creative Director who made all of this possible; Leah Evans, our incredible lead animator; and Matt Van Rys, the A+ producer who magically managed the entire process. 

Process, Process, Process.

Our team met every Saturday for three months to prepare the CoMotion brand package, communicating via Slack the rest of the time to continue developing and working together. It was a lot of fun teaming up with such talented students to collect inspiration, brainstorm, and narrow down our ideas for the final title sequence. Below are some of the pieces I designed along the way: repeat patterns for 3D textures, hand shapes and accessories, a music board layout, storyboards, and finished styleframes once we declared a style direction.

PRODUCER | Matt Van Rys
TEAM | Diego Abad, Kayla Beehler,
Gretel Cummings, Chrissy Eckman, Veró Gomez,
Emily Galvin, Jenni Renas, Becka Riccio,
Bridget Roden, Yukari Schrickel, Natalia Serrano,
Joel Thomas, Amy Wallace