Jingle bells, pregnant cows, chickens laying eggs

A commercial-standard PSA for Heifer International that'll get you in the gift-giving spirit with a catchy, light-hearted holiday jingle.

I've been passionate about this organization ever since I joined the Heifer fundraising club back in high school, and I had so much fun working on another project for them.

Heifer's mission embodies the concept of "teaching a man to fish," rather than just giving him one to eat, so he'll never be hungry again. The organization gives animals to families in need around the world and more importantly, gives them the skills necessary to use those animals to build their local economies. 
Christmas time is when they market most strongly, with their release of their annual "best gift catalog in the world," full of gifts that'll keep on giving.

For this PSA, I collaborated with  Bryson Schmidt to modify a popular Christmas tune with the act of Santa delivering all his holiday donations.

CONCEPT by Chrissy Eckman
WRITING & MUSIC by Bryson Schmidt
DESIGN & ANIMATION by Chrissy Eckman
VOICEOVER by Matt Moore