The most slimetastic event of 2016.

The Kids' Choice Awards is an annual award ceremony that celebrates young audiences’ favorite pop cultural hits of each year. Nickelodeon, the event’s network host, has been around for a very long time and has become an iconic representation of what it means to be a kid: fun, playful, messy, and chaotic. In recent years, Nickelodeon has drifted to a more modern 3D aesthetic, so the goal of this year’s KCA event was to reintroduce the older style and the reminiscent feelings that come with 2D elements such as children’s doodles, silly and imperfect. A theme of toys, games, and childish activities were also woven throughout the identity to represent fun in its most basic form. To keep it visually stimulating, lots of fast-paced transitions between different styles were incorporated, all unified through a recognizably iconic color scheme pulled from the Nickelodeon brand.

This project was completed in collaboration with the incredible Brina Woolhiser.


Show Package

Process Highlights



• organic
• fast-paced
• stimulating
• youthful
• nostalgic
• sketchy
• cartoon
• fun
• silly
• playful
• messy
• imperfect
• chaotic