Sight + Sound = Soul: Synergistic Works by Wassily Kandinsky

A museum exhibit design for the synaesthete whose abstract art reflected his ability to associate musical tones with different colors.

It is said that Kandinsky's work "created an aesthetic experience that engaged the sight, sound, and emotions of the public." He believed that this synergistic experience transcended viewers into a deeper, more soulful world, which he referred to as the "inner necessity." Therefore, SIGHT + SOUND = SOUL.

Design Concept

The exhibition pairs bold, clean-cut, modern graphics with a soft visualization of inner emotion that ties Kandinsky’s work and style together with his thoughts and feelings for one cohesive brand. Solid concentric circles in a grid, inspired by one of Kandinsky’s most recognizable works, represent the deep soul vibrations that come from the combination of sight+sound — each layer is like a reverberation made from color and its musical effect. This element is strong and simple in comparison to the thin, delicate sound waves that make up the other piece of the brand. Those waves show the interrelation of sight (symbolized by line, form, and color in the yellow strip) with the visualization of sound (represented by the group of white lines that could symbolize a twisted sheet of music or the many sound waves of a musical symphony). Together, the two create a bigger, stronger representation of the soul and its vibrating sensations that come with seeing and feeling Kandinsky’s art. 


A poster for display outside the museum.

A Peek into the Artist's Soul

This booklet gives an insight into Kandinsky’s fascinating theories that color and sound are linked, providing an understanding how he created his beautiful synergistic works. To enter, viewers flip past the main cover, revealing what they were peeking into: a dark indigo that represents a deep inner soulfulness. From there, each spread covers a different quotation by the artist and is paired with a graphic that relates to the theme of those words. Concentric circles are a recurring shape throughout the design because of their rhythmic qualities.

"Soul Vibrations" Earphones Set

In the gift shop, visitors will find earphones to take home as a memory of their SIGHT+SOUND=SOUL experience. The thin white cord mimics the graphic elements already being used for branding, so its package takes advantage of that similarity by turning the cord into a design element in itself. It is called “SOUL VIBRATIONS” because the design represents a combination of sight and sound for a larger reverberating soulful experience. Orange circles on the front of the package serve mainly as a practical means for holding the earphone cord in place, but also further mimic the original graphic element. On the back, a quotation by Wassily Kandinsky tells the buyer to immerse himself in the art and music of the exhibit to enter into a new world of inner necessity.